Christmas Gift Pack

Christmas Gift Pack

Introducing the Tanner Goods Christmas Gift Pack, composed of beautifully handcrafted and thoughtful products. 

Dress Belt 

Casual is our default setting, but that doesn't mean we can't clean up well when we need to. If the occasion calls for a classier wardrobe, nothing pairs with fresh-pressed attire like our new Dress Belt. 

Sahara Wallets 

 Inspired by rich earth tones and natural textures, our new Sahara Collection is cut and comprised of luxurious Skirting, durable Harness, and classic Natural Tooling. Each leather offers its own experience in this winning combination of visual warmth and remarkable feel.

Mazama Taffy Mugs 

Make your Christmas as colourful as the Taffy Mugs! Each piece of this Mazama limited edition was carefully hand thrown, resulting in a unique look and colourway each time. Playful yet elegant, Mazama Mugs hold 16 oz. of your favourite brew, which makes them the perfect daily companion.

 Remix 91 - Drifter Drop Kit

Inspired by the outdoor adventures of the 1990s, this collection offers bold colours and an archival logo from Tanner’s founding years, with a simple and practical design, secured by our signature lanyard. 

Cordovan Wallets

Made from a unique hand-dyed process, the colourful Cordovan collection is composed of rare leather goods that develop a remarkable patina over time thanks to our most premium leather; Italian Cordovan. 

Konbu Rucksack

The Koru Rucksack is a lightweight, versatile bag fit for the adventures of life. This bag is made from Konbu®, which is the lightest-weight fabric we’ve ever used at Tanner Goods, offering comfort and storage for many excursions to come. 

Memori Mechanico

In a wired world, it’s easy to forget the appreciated, personal gesture of a handwritten note or the inspiration that a curious doodle can spark. Twist action for ease of use and crafted in three fine finishes, make a memorable impact with the assistance of our Memori Mechanico.