Tanner's Ten Tantalising Treats

Tanner's Ten Tantalising Treats

Discover our spooky Tanner Goods selection for your perfect look this Halloween!

Cordovan Journeyman in Marion Red 

Our first treat is the bloody in colour, Cordovan Journeyman, an essential for maximum organization in a minimal design. The Journeyman features four card slots and one central pocket for you to stash your cash - a configuration those who prefer to carry their wallet in their front pocket would appreciate. 

 Cordovan Utility Bifold in Discovery Green 

If you're lurking for a new wallet, and you're old one is looking a little bit BATtered, we've got the perfect new one for you! Our Utility Bifold features four card-slot pockets, two hidden pockets, and one lengthwise pocket for bills.

Spider Web Jasper Bracelet

Spiders can be scary, but we'll make an exception for this one. Actually, known for its calming and healing energy, spider jasper is a semi-precious natural gemstone.  Found in a multitude of locations and colours, this “spider” variant is named for the bands of black stripes over grey tones on each bead. The magnetic clasp is both secure and easy to wear.

Voyager Daypack in Remix 91

Our latest Voyager Daypack suits Halloween perfectly! This pumpkin look-alike, witch was designed in Portland and proudly crafted in León, Mexico. It will a colorful touch to any outfit, and is suitable for any of your daily or occasional adventures.

Large Mug - Stone

Return from the grave for the Mazama Wares Large Mug, perfect for storing warm potions this winter. Inspired by the textures and colours of our natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, we have reimagined our Mazama mug with a beautiful new clay body that reflects the gentle tones of Oregon's natural coastline.

Cordovan Minimal Card Wallet in Regal 

Challenge your inner witch with the Cordovan Minimal Card Wallet. Practical and made from our most premium leather; Italian Cordovan, it's a wallet so compact, you might even forget it's there.

Cocktail Glass in Guava 

Enjoy the occasional cocktail potion with a Guava Cocktail Glass. The characteristics we seek in a Cocktail Glass are simple - elegance, style and the weight of quality that rests squarely in the palm of one hand. And whether you take your spirits neat or on the rocks, our Cocktail silhouette performs with class and distinction.

Standard Belt - Black/Stainless

It may be called the Standard Belt, but this is no regular belt. The bewitched black belt will keep you secure this season! Our Tanner Goods Standard Belt in Black with Stainless hardware emphasizes classic, utilitarian styling and is built to last and to improve with age.

Journeyman - Electric

Return from the dead and feel electrified with the Electric Remix collection. Featuring Golden Harness, Natural Tooling, and our custom Electric colourway Skirting leather. Traditionally used for saddles and holsters, Skirting has similar characteristics to Tooling leather, but with a silkier touch.

Leather Slipmat - Black

Our Leather Slipmat's look and sound could make a skeleton smile. Each is cut from Meridian English Bridle and stamped with our signature Geoglyph pattern, so no worries about color transfer to the records label. Go ahead, take one for a spin.