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    Known for its calming and healing energy, spider jasper is a semi-precious natural gemstone. Found in a multitude of locations and colors, this “spider” variant is named for the bands of black stripes over gray tones on each bead. The magnetic clasp is both secure and easy to wear.
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    - 8mm spider jasper semi-precious natural gemstone, not dyed.
    - 304 stainless steel magnetic clasp-black
    - Size S/M: ~ 8.5" in length, 18 - 18.5 cm circumference
    - Size L/XL: ~ 8.75" in length, 19 - 19.5 cm circumference
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    Spiders Web Jasper Bracelet
    Spiders Web Jasper Bracelet

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    Spiders Web Jasper Bracelet

    Spider Web Jasper
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